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Professional Rug Cleaning in Burnley

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Trust your rug to Hoyles Cleaning Specialists, who have been cleaning rugs in Burnley for over 29 years, were a local family run company that has been specialising in professional rug cleaning, we also offer Curtain cleaning and carpet cleaning so if you are interested please ask for details when you enquire.

Rugs we clean include the following types of rugs.

Persian, Turkish, Caucasian, Turkestan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chinese, Tibet, Nepal, Moroccan, Egyptian, Belgium, Oriental and Contemporary rugs.

With 1000’s of happy clients over the years we have been cleaning rugs you can rest assured your rug is in safe hands when we follow are 12 point process to have your rug clean and fresh with a quick efficient turn around

professional Rug Cleaning Yorkshire

  1. A through rug inspection and Identification process so we know exactly what we are cleaning to ensure the correct procedure is followed
  2. Rug vacuuming with our industrial vacuum
  3. Special Rug Dusting machine which gets and dry stuff that is embedded into the rug
  4. Specialist Air dusting equipment to remove as much soiling before the wash stage
  5. Our specialist rug studio has large safe washing sections where we can handle any rug
  6. Rug fringe cleaning, ensuring any much is removed and the fringe is neat and tidy
  7. Next comes the rinsing stage to ensure everything is clean and removed
  8. Our studio contains equipment to get as much water removed from the rug before the drying process starts.
  9. Move to the drying room to start the careful drying process
  10. Check the rug for any issues and sort if required.
  11. Rug protection applied and final inspection
  12. Wrapped and ready to deliver back to you

You can find out in more detail on the 12 step process by visiting our Rug Cleaning Specialist page or you can call us today on 01535 630 620 to arrange a FREE Quotation for Rug Cleaning and any of our other services such as carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and stain and pet odour removals.

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